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Non Runners

Going: Good To Soft
12 Ten Ten Twenty
4 White Rhino, 5 Bella Union
9 Invictus Allen, 14 Capstan
1 Our Jet
8 Puffin Bay, 9 Postmark
5 Lord Accord, 7 Regarding Ruth, 8 Abuffalosoldier, 14 Good News
2 Young Butler, 11 General Probus, 14 Some Scope, 16 Coillte Eile
3 Zamparelli
Going: Good To Soft
5 Born At Midnight
8 Kenyan Cowboy
1 Bertie B, 7 Sixty Dollars More, 10 Tribal Commander
2 Lump Sum
Going: Standard
6 Angel In The Sky, 16 Polar Peak
13 Betrayed, 14 Not Amused, 15 American In Paris
1 Empty Metaphor, 16 Irresistible You, 17 Ranko Express
2 Bright Dick
10 Selective Power, 12 Well Suited, 13 Airgead, 17 Maestro Stick
Going: Standard
4 It's A Love Thing
1 Dan De Man Can
1 Shabaaby

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