Creating Your First System

BetTurtle makes it easy to create, test and operate horse racing selection systems using your own rules. Here is quick tutorial to help you get started and create your first system.

  1. Click this link to the Systems - Create System menu item.

  2. In the System Name field type "Big Priced Winners" or whatever name you want to call your new system.

  3. In the System Description field cut and paste or type the following description of the system rules we will be using:

    • A BetTurtle Tip

    • Odds 10.0 (9/1) or greater

    • Pick Rank 1

    • Conditions Amber or Red Horseshoe

    • Ability Green or Amber Horseshoe

  4. Deselect No in the BetTurtle Tip field. Only the Yes should be ticked.

  5. Set the Odds field as 10 to 1000.

  6. Set the Pick Rank field as 1 to 1.

  7. Deselect Green on the Conditions field. Only Amber and Red should remain ticked.

  8. Deselect Red on the Ability field. Only Green and Amber should remain ticked.

  9. Click the Apply Button.

  10. Congratulations you will now see a popup message saying your system has been created (It may take a few minutes for the data to appear for your system..

  11. Click close on the popup and you will be taken to the Manage Systems page where you can view system summary details, edit and delete for all of your system.)

  12. Click on the Systems menu and you should now see a new menu item for your system where you will see a table similiar to the one below.

  13. Repeat the steps above to create more new systems using your own rules (If you have have run out of systems then delete a system or upgrade your subscription to access additional systems)..

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