Developer Notes

At BetTurtle we put our customers first. If you have any feedback, ideas to improve BetTurtle, comments, require additional support or want to let us know of a problem you have spotted on the website or with the mobile apps please email us at

Developer Notes

At BetTurtle we put our customers first. If you have any feedback, ideas to improve BetTurtle, comments, require additional support or want to let us know of a problem you have spotted on the website or with the mobile apps please email us at

Latest Release Info

Date Release Comment
  • Fixed issue where running style colours were not registering correctly.
  • Improved tipping algorithms.
  • Sped up overnight updates.
  • Fixed issue where running style was not appearing (a repeat of an issue).
  • Fixed issue where in Form->Form Grid where racecourses all had the same description.
  • Stats->Insights added extra popup stats for course, distance, going and class when the icon is clicked.
  • Fixed issue where Form->Form Grid where racecourse direction was missing for some races.
  • Fixed issues where running style was not appearing.
  • Added top jockey and top trainer pointer reports.
  • Added days since last run column to Stats-Ratings on racecard.
  • Added some additional questions and answers to the FAQs.
  • Added new pointer report for Trainer & Jockey winning combinations (Enhanced and Pro subscribers).
  • Improved the Fitness, Ability and Conditions horseshoe accuracy.
  • Fixed consistency stats okay ratings.
  • Added new pointer report for Horse & Jockey winning combinations (Enhanced and Pro subscribers).
  • Added OR rating column to form+.
  • Fixed an formatting issue when draw not shown in formlist when clicking horsename popup.
  • Fixed an issue where users unable to delete a system, as the system has been used as a racecard filter.
  • Improved system tip performance.
  • Added sex to 10 year trends.
  • Added sire and dam best and progeny handicap ratings to racecard stats.
  • Fixed issue with card ordering and a success message appearing.
  • Fixed issue on runner filters on race card where Loading ... message did not change.
  • Improved insights accuracy for class, going and distance.
  • Set LastTimePlaced Pro filter to allow Both, True and False.
  • Can now download Excel spreadsheet for the daily tips for each of your systems.
  • Added course to the race insights.
  • Added profile settings to turn form, insights and comments on for the horse and trainer tab, (i) icon and horse name popup.
  • Fixed issues with some horse statistics not appearing.
  • Fixed an issue when downloading system tips.
  • Key stats icons now default to accordion show.
  • Added profile option to default stats icons to popups by setting the Popup Icon Stats check box.
  • Improved race card load times.
  • Fixed insight issue with stats icons.
  • Improved load times of pointer pages.
  • Added new Insights tab to STATS button for enhanced and pro subscribers. Provides a comparison of the key racing insights to help make form study faster.
  • Added a new pointer report showing the most popular with subscribers - Subscriber Most Shortlisted.
  • For enhanced and pro subscribers, Released improved comments including a table to quickly show the going, distance, consistency, improvement and notebook considerations for each horse.
  • Fixed a bug with the run style ordering on the race card.
  • Added new and improved systems for all subscribers.
  • Can now set Tips By Time Order in your profile to display tips by time rather than course.
  • Fixed issue where tomorrow's races showing today's race courses when selecting other races link.
  • Improved the layout of the tips and results odds.
  • Removed abandoned races from results page.
  • Able to view last 500 tips statistics.
  • Added results (click position) and odds history (click odds) to tip stats.
  • Improved trainer and jockey comments for horse comments to make them clearer.
  • Fixed tomorrow's runners on the Form->Trainer Profile in the race cards.
  • Added travelling distance for today's and tomorrow's other entries for Form->Trainer Profile in the race cards.
  • Improved the blog colours to make it more readable.
  • Add newsletter tipping stats.
  • Improved BetTurtle Help.
  • Placed results now appear in red.
  • Added today's races to the home page.
  • Added improvements to home page.
  • Added ability to sort by horse type, running style and draw on the racecard.
  • Added Today form line to the (i) icon on racecard to allow easier form comparison.
  • Added racing silks colours to race results.
  • Added additional videos to BetTurtle help.
  • Improved racing systems for Pro and Enhanced subscribers.
  • Able to download 365 days of data for your own system tips.
  • Fixed avg handicap rating for trends, as it was including average of 0 ratings.
  • Added form plus show all button.
  • Added form plus weight carried to each previous race form.
  • Added additional videos to the help pages.
  • Added Search Horse on the Races Menu to search for a horse and view form information for Enhanced and Pro subscribers.
  • Improved the form information for the Search Horse when adding to my notebook .
  • Fixed mobile icon layout to keep to a single line.
  • Fixed toggle on show all/filter horses button.
  • Added show all form icon info to icon help
  • Added accessibility option for lettered horseshoes in user profile. Switch it on to view horseshoes as letters to aid colour blind customers.
  • Added Median calculations for horse, trainer, jockey and sire stats. For enhanced and pro subscribers.
  • Fixed issues with Best Form on conditions on stats and horse information pages.
  • Improved system creation test performance by removing monthly and sequence information.
  • Added ability to sort race card by saddle, odds, picks, form ratings and speed ratings.
  • Improved system creation test performance.
  • Fixed performance problem with system tips cog on racecards.
  • Improved load times when pressing stats button.
  • Added best going, best distance and best class stats for horses for conditions and lifetimes stats.
  • Allow users to view past races in the 10 year trends.
  • Added horse types and pick rank to Summary Stats table.
  • Added previous form draw information to the conditions popups for Enhanced Customers.
  • Added winning horse type (unexposed, sleeper, etc) to 10 year trends.
  • Added a cog to denote a horse with system tips (hover over to view the names of the systems).
  • Fixed a sorting issue on the Summary Form where race card order was not default sort.
  • Added ability to bin/unbin horses on Racecard stats and Summary Form sections.
  • Improved page load speed for form button, tips and live ratings.
  • Improved system tips load time and test performance.
  • Fixed sire courses to only show race type stats and only Ireland and GB.
  • Enabled racecard and runner list filtering using customer filters.
  • Improved system load performance.
  • Fixed form list position sorting.
  • Added button to allow users to expand and collapse all runner form on a racecard.
  • Added help videos and tidied up our home page a little.
  • Added the ability to search for horses to add to the Horses To Follow List. Users can also view the form of horses they want to add too by click the plus button.
  • Added ability to show the +/- difference in OR ratings on racecard. Set Handicap Rating Difference checkbox in user profile to activate.
  • Fixed issues with customers subscribing early mornings and sometimes account not setup correctly.
  • Added tips to liveratings.
  • Added lastweight to stats->ratings to compare the last weight a horse carried in racetype.
  • Added additional option for shrewd trainer in create system filters.
  • Fixed Lingfield stats.
  • Added today's form to the Form-Form tab to enable easier comparisons.
  • Added well handicapped assessments plus or minus to the Official Ratings.
  • Fixed filter issue with bestform and best speed where check boxes reset after filter changed.
  • Fixed bug with trainer and jockey detailed stats.
  • Fixed mobile device menu layout issue.
  • Added todays conditions on the last 6 form popup to allow easier comparison.
  • Fixed going stats bug when going changes.
  • Added weight rank to pro system stats.
  • Sped up stats for trainer, jockey and sire profile icons
  • Added pointer for horses with future race entries
  • Added additional stats to trainer, jockey and sire profile icons
  • Fixed min, avg and max odds on Tipping stats screen which resulted in wrong profit loss stats being displayed
  • Added ability to like and unlike all in pointers
  • Fixed bug where some systems added tips after race had finished due to late odds movements.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Added Form, Speed and Pick ratings to Race-Search Runners.
  • Added trainer flag icons to make it easier to see foreign trainer horses.
  • Made good, okay and poor stats easier to understand by removing number or runs.
  • Removed duplicate travel distance comments.
  • Added running style to form plus results.
  • Can now click on running style to see table of graphs of previous running style preferences.
  • Added horse profile icon to the popup stats on the racecards - the P icon.
  • Added some extra Pro system filters.
  • Added some extra horse stats under the pointer BetTurtle Horse stats menu.
  • Performance and user interface tweaks.
  • More frequent odds and horseshoe refreshes.
  • Added tips info and stats icons to runner list page.
  • Fixed some errors with system tips counts.
  • Added surface to form list table and horse profile. This helps with turf and all weather surface preferences for a horse.
  • Added last 6 form records for the conditions stats.
  • Speed improvements for pointers.
  • Added Race Type stats (Runs, Wins, Strike, Profit and ROI for Trainer, Jockey and Horse to PRO downloads.
  • Add Longest Travellers pointers.
  • Improved overall site speed.
  • Click ratings and last 6 form ratings for the race type appears.
  • Enhanced and Pro subscribers can use a Horse Travelling distance to the races filter to create systems.
  • Pro subscribers daily data downloads now includes travelled to the race distance for a horse for UK runners (IRE coming soon).
  • Added travel distances for UK runners and flagged runners running in different countries.
  • Added trainer and jockey course stats under a new Stats pointer menu.
  • Added number of runs the horse has had for the trainer to trainer stats.
  • Added number of times the jockey has ridden the horse to jockey stats.
  • Ability to filter on past races (turn off results on your profile if you want to practice form study on past racecards).
  • Two year view of stats per system now possible.
  • New look user interface on all screen sizes.
  • Odds and heatmaps updated more regularly.
  • Fixed bugs runs since stats for previous race form.
  • Add Pointer reports for betturtle stats for trainers, jockeys, horses, ratings and horseshoes.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Tidied up and categorised pointers menu.
  • Added additional jockey and trainer statistical reports to pointer sections.
  • Racecard performance improvements.
  • Added consistency stats to the Stats button and racecard icons.
  • Liveratings can now be viewed by both time and course.
  • 10 Year Trends now include race going.
  • Added place statistics to systems.
  • Added ability to test horse racing systems in the builder before saving.
  • Added enhancements to show draw information of form and summary stats for Enhanced and Pro subscribers.
  • Adding 30 Day System Tipping League.
  • Reduced maintenance windows at night when uploading racecard stats.
  • Added 10 new Pro stats for download.
  • Added gambled last time filter for enhanced and pro subscribers.
  • Fixed help text problems on dam and sire stats.
  • Performance improvement.
  • Improved download menu options.
  • Added DAM stats to the race stats information.
  • Added consistency scores for ENHANCED and PRO Members to Form-Horse and Trainer Tab on race card.
  • Fixed issue where course names highlighted in green for different codes of race (i.e LingField jumps and allweather).
  • Fixed problem where systems appear to have tipped horses after races finished.
  • Fixed bug preventing number of wins and places at handicap mark not appearing on Stats-Ratings tab on racecard.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Added 80:20 Rule Pointer report.
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes.
  • Added new trainers, wind operation and gambled last time pointers.
  • Added heavily backed last time out icon for enhanced and pro subscribers.
  • Added wind operation badge for enhanced and pro subscribers.
  • Added system filters Handicap Mark placed and number of handicap mark places for Enhanced and Pro subscribers.
  • Added horse stats to make it easier and quicker to check stats info. Accessible next to horses name.
  • Improved Trainer, Jockey and Horse profiles.
  • Added Blog.
  • Bug fixes and search engine optimisation.
  • Added Left handside or horizontal menu support (change in profile settings).
  • New menu system with option under profiles to condense for smaller screens.
  • New profile options to add photos, change colours from dark to light mode.
  • Speed improvements to live ratings, tipping stats and tips.
  • New icons for System Management screens.
  • Added improvements to the comments system.
  • Released new Systems and filters with dozens more filters. Now also easier to manage and update systems.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Allow users to select a list of favourite jockeys and trainers that will appear as a against trainer and jockeys names on racecards. This can be done through settings on your user profile.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Added race runners next race details on next race summary for enhanced and pro subscribers.
  • Improved tip and live rating layouts.
  • Improved performance when pressing form button.
  • Changed single jockeys and trainers to cover all jockeys and trainers, as customers were confused with the top rated only view.
  • Enhanced and Professional Subscribers can now view all BetTurtle notebook runners each day from the pointers menu.
  • Enhanced and Professional Subscribers can now set the date of racing. This allows them to replay a days racing and check results and stats.
  • Pointer, daily runners and racecard performance improvements.
  • Added on run jockey and trainers pointers report (watch out for the eye symbol on racecards too).
  • Added Lay of Day and Back Stats to 90 Day Tipping Stats.
  • Added Lay of Day and Back Stats to 90 Day Tipping Stats.
  • Improved systems display performance and fixed some bugs.
  • Added pointers for all green horseshoes, ratings and well handicapped horses.
  • Added summary stats to racecards.
  • Added cards for 5 day declarations.
  • Enabled upto 1 year of system backtesting.
  • Performance improvements across the site.
  • New trainer and jockey stats under the Racecard form section.
  • Improved machine learning algorithms.
  • Added new Pro subscriber Download stats for 'TopRTypeTrainer', 'TopRTypeJockey'.
  • Resolved issue with Pro stats downloads.
  • Resolved issue system stats not generating past results.
  • Added new Pro subscriber Download stats for 'HCAPScore', 'SameJockey', 'GoodGoing', 'ORWinner', 'ORWins', 'ORPlaced', 'ORPlaces', 'HighClassWin', 'CatClassWinner', 'GradeWinner', 'HighGradeWinner', 'CatGradeWinner', 'BestTip', 'ShrewdTrainer'.
  • Improved download data key to show what information is available to download and filter based on your subscription level.
  • Added extra cards and system filters for Form and Speed ratings colours (green is good, amber is okay and red is poor).
  • Filter on whether a horse has been placed at today's handicap mark or higher.
  • Check how many times a horse has been placed at today's handicap mark or higher and the highest mark the horse has been placed at. Visit the Stats-Ratings tab to view this.
  • On the Stats-Conditions page you can now click the numeric values and you will see a graph appear showing additional conditions information, such as the range of distances or going types a horse has run over with wins/runs performance comparisons.
  • Bug fixes and more performance improvements.
  • Added graphs of other conditions the horse has raced under on the Stats-Conditions menu.
  • Bug fixes and more performance improvements.
  • Improved the summary racecard to include filtering support.
  • Improved layout and presentation of website content.
  • Enabled refresh and refresh & delete on systems cards.
  • Fixed numerous bugs.
  • Added additional data to runner list and pointers.
  • Added some performance improvements.
  • Fixed problem with Form and Tables.
  • Improved filter, stats and shortlist button formatting and logic.
  • Improved table formatting for stats to allow mobiles and tablets to see information more easily.
  • Now able to shortlist and read form from Stats sections.
  • Improved icon help.
  • Added courses stats for jockey and trainer profiles (Form-Trainer/Jockey Profiles).
  • Improved mobile device layouts.
  • Layout improvements.
  • Ability to re-apply horse filters from All Filters button.
  • Stats tables now support horse filters and binned runners.
  • Additional icon, colour and help on race cards.
  • Improved system display performance.
  • Improved the home page.
  • Search engine improvements.
  • Changed automatic system creation limits for all subscribers.
  • Enable decimal odds from user profile.
  • Added pointer report showing horses currently at vlaue prices.
  • Added Sire going, distance and class stats.
  • Added Ability to Filter Same and Higher grade winners.
  • Added Trainer/Jockey combo stats to horse and trainer information and to jockey popup.
  • Added horse profiles, provides an added age to understand the unique characteristics and preferences for a horse.
  • You can now create your own automated betting systems from the systems menu.
  • You can now add your system tips to your shortlist for today.
  • Click the horse position on tips, past systems, pointers, etc and a popup of the race result will appear.
  • Added ability to delete and re-instate horses from a race. Click the bin to delete and the bin with up arrow to re-instate.
  • Fixed an issue displaying past results.
  • Added distance beaten to racecard.
  • Added odds rank filtering to horse filters.
  • Added show all horses button to temporarily override any filters on the racecard.
  • Added 60 day tipping stats for My Shortlist selections.
  • Added the ability to filter horse information on the Search Runners. This allows subscribers to visually see all the horses running that meet their criteria
  • Added the ability for Enhance and Pro subscribers to filter horses using a number of BetTurtle statistics and race criteria.
  • Added the ability for customers to change the BetTurtle colour scheme from their profile page.
  • Added race filtering.
  • Added draw statistics.
  • Added race course characteristics to form lists and race card course name (click the links).
  • Added good performances to conditions stats. Provides a better view on horses conditions preferences rather than simply win strike rate.
  • Major upgrade with new website design and branding.
  • User profiles added to allow users to provide additional information to benefit from an improved, tailored experience.
  • Shortlist button added to racecards to allow filtering on shortlisted horses.
  • Shortlist totals added to Today's Runners.
  • Updated website help and documentation.
  • Added charts and graphs for Enhanced and Pro subscribers.
  • Numerous bug fixes.
  • Added My Shorlist that lists out the horses with selected.
  • Added My Notebook that list horses to be followed in future races. Subscribers click the on a racecard to add it to the list.
  • Added ability to tip or shortlist horses and see the most popular selections across subscriber base.
  • Improved performance of loading racecards.
  • Improved the data formatting for the popup horse summary to make it easier to provide insight.
  • Updated race stats to include raceinfo icons and the ability to click the horses name to retrieve the popup horse summary.
  • Fixed missing social media problems
  • Fixed bug where the number of runs since last wins was incorrect at time.
  • Added form summary to the meeting summary when the horse name is clicked.
  • Popup additional data when calendar, odds, trainer and jockey names are clicked.
  • Added noted runners who should be followed until they win (notebook icon). Available for enhanced and pro customers.
  • Added future race entries for enhanced and pro customers (calendar icon with entry details under the Form button).
  • Added performance improvements and fixed information display errors.
  • Added probabilities to race card odds table.
  • Improved live ratings load times.
  • Added Past 7 day System Tips to the tips menu.
  • Tidied up and fixed some Pointer table data.
  • Added minimum/maximum odds and pick numbers for all systems.
  • Added minimum odds to 90 Day Tipping stats.
  • Jockey changes updated through the day on the site.
  • Now support 7 day and 21 day data downloads for Enhanced and Pro suscribers.
  • Added Pro Stats in the datadownload section. This provides 100+ extra stats for Pro members.
  • Improved racecard performance and some table layouts.
  • Added Trainer and Jockey 14 Day Form Guide and Good Runs %. Added under the Form Button - Trainer Stats and Jockey stats on racecards.
  • Added Trainer and Jockey runners and rides for today. Added under the Form Button - Trainer Stats and Jockey stats on racecards.
  • Added Jockey Race Type and Course Stats. Added under the Form Button on racecards to provide a yearly view of the jockeys race type and course stats.
  • Added Trainer Course Stats. Added under the Form Button on racecards to provide a yearly view of the trainers course stats.
  • Added Trainer Annual Stats for Race Type. Added under the Form Button on racecards to provide a yearly view of the trainers performance in today's type of race.
  • Added a Jockey Plus tab to the stats menu. This provides information on how a jockey performs on handicap and racecourse debutants, when riding a favourite, odds on shot and other price ranges.
  • Added a Handicap Column to the Stats-Conditions tab. This shows the number of handicap races the horse has won/ran in by race type i.e (Flat/AWF, Chase, Hurdles).
  • Added a Handicap stats to Form Plus Horse information column.
  • Fixed highest and last winning handicap marks, as they were sometimes missing for some horses.
  • Fixed 1st Handicap Pointer. Previously had classed first handicap runs on Flat and All-Weather seperately. We now use a combined view.
  • On Stats-Conditions Tabs we have now added a number to denote the distance drop or increase in furlongs where arrows are displayed. We have also added this to Form Plus.
  • On Stats-Conditions Tabs we have now added a number to denote the class drop or increase where arrows are displayed. We have also added this to Form Plus.
  • Improved the Class Changers (under the Pointers menu) to show the number of levels of class up or down a horse is making. We have also added columns to show trainer stats for horses that are running in 1st time handicaps, headgear or have headgear back on (missing last time horse ran).
  • Improved the Distance Changers (under the Pointers menu) to show the number of furlongs in distance up or down a horse is making. We have also added columns to show trainer stats for horses that are running in 1st time handicaps, headgear or have headgear back on (missing last time horse ran).
  • On the racecard horse Form/Run List made improvements to the race and race strength summary that appears when a date is clicked/selected. It now shows the winner and 2nd in the race odds, official rating and form and speed ratings. This is included alongside the horse in questions finishing position. We have also recently added the min, max and average handicap ratings for the horses that ran in the race. This can give a guide to the race strength. Below our subsequent runs table we have also added the Highest Handicap rating a subsequent winner from the race has achieved. Once again this can help guage race strength.
  • Added various information popups to FormPlus to help use this table to quickly
  • Fixed Automated System refreshes and it now won't refresh tips beyond 11am each day, as this was confusing a number of customers.
  • Improved performance on Downloads of Daily, 90 Day Tips and 90 Day Winner downloads. Hopefully the application errors that some customer have experienced are eradicated.

Known Issues

Date Issue
  • The well handicapped rating Stats-Ratings (OR colour scheme) and Formplus handicap ratings are currently using two different algorithms that can cause confusion. We are currently assessing the better of the two and will resolve in the near future.

Coming Soon

Feature Description
Horseshoes Comments
  • We will be providing analysis for enhanced and pro customers to understand why a horseshoe has been rated a particular colour.
Improved Horse Comments
  • We will be improving our horse commentary to make them more useful in the context of each race.
Pro Trends and Info Reports
  • We will be providing reports to show macro view trends of racing, such as types of horses/stables that win Group 1 races, trainer training styles and what to watch out for during a season, etc. These will be available to our Pro Subscribers.
Add Tips and Pre and Post Race Comments
  • We will allow Pro subscribers to add tips, betting information and pre/post race comments for their selections. They can use this to decide on the bets they wish to place each day. We will provide stats and history information.
  • We will provide customers the option to share their tips and race comments with other customers.
  • We are currenty testing this feature ourselves.
Automated Betting
  • We will allow customers to automate bet placement with a range of bookmakers using the bookmakers APIs and security policies.
  • This will allow system bets to be automatically place alongside any manual tips the customer has added.
  • We are currenty testing this feature ourselves.

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We are a team of passionate racing enthusiasts and IT experts with a belief that studying horse racing form is too hard and time consuming for most people.

By developing products like BetTurtle, our goal is to make horse racing more rewarding for our customers.


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