Frequently Asked Questions

At BetTurtle we put our customers first. If you have any feedback, comments, require additional support or want to let us know of a problem you have spotted on the website or with the mobile apps please email us at

Here are responses to the most commonly asked questions:

  1. How will I know if BetTurtle is suitable for me?
  2. BetTurtle is suitable for anyone aged 18 and over and has been primarily developed to help beginners and time limited bettors.
  3. What is BetTurtle?
  4. On the surface, BetTurtle provides race cards, form guides, tips and results. However, at its heart is masses of data constantly crunched by advanced algorithms, external sensors constantly monitoring the betting world around us and driven by our relentless focus to ensure BetTurtle is incredibly easy and quick to use.
  5. Why should I trust BetTurtle?
  6. BetTurtle is powered by one of the most powerful horse racing analysis systems ever created. BetTurtle constantly monitors racing data, weather reports, bookmaker prices, newspapers, websites, social media content, etc. As this information changes throughout the racing day, the BetTurtle information/recommendations is refreshed to take advantage of it. This ensures that at the point of time you select a bet you can be confident it is based on the best information available at the time. We are also fully transparent with our customers and publish our latest tipping stats on our website and via regular updates to our subscribers, win or lose. Whilst we can't promise to make everyone rich, we can promise that we are always trying to help improve BetTurtle to ensure everyone can improve their chances of betting success.
  7. What is the difference between the Rosette Picks and the Website Tips?
  8. The website tips are selected on the morning of racing (normally available by 7am) and only change in the event of non-runners. They are 'point in time selections' based on the best information we have available at the time. However, as most bettors know, market moves, changes in weather, etc can mean what appeared a good selection in the morning is a poor one by race time and vice versa. Therefore, the Rosette Picks are a realtime view of the horses we think have the best chance of winning based on current market information.
  9. Should I use the website tips or the rosette picks?
  10. Try both initially and see what you prefer. With our arm up our back, we would advise that if you bet in the morning and like to get on early then the Website tips are a good guide. If you are betting closer to race time, we recommend you check that the Website tip is one of the 3 rosette picks or be wary of having a bet, as key factors, such as market drifts or going changes may have impacted its chances of winning. However, sometimes horses drifting in the market do win and we have had a number of recent website tip winners at massive prices. So a bit of 'swings and roundabouts' as they say.
  11. Why does the BetTurtle data and picks change throughout the day?
  12. The weather conditions, vibes, betting market, runners and riders, etc change throughout the racing day. Therefore, we have designed BetTurtle to always present an up to date view of information and the picks we recommend. There is no right or wrong time to use the BetTurtle information, the laws of averages will prevail over the longer term.
  13. Why did the BetTurtle horseshoes change colour a few minutes before race off time?
  14. The last 15 minutes before a race can be hectic and odds can shorten/drift as off course money takes effect to reduce starting prices, paddock inspectors influence the odds, TV commentators may provide information that causes panic in the markets, horses misbehave on the way or at the post, on course gambles take shape, etc. As a result of these factors (which are difficult to predict beforehand), the BetTurtle horseshoes may change to reflect this new information. This is why BetTurtle is in realtime, to help punters who don’t have the luxury of this information to hand to make better informed betting decisions right up to the off. As we say, this is all 'swings and roundabouts’ though, as getting on early can reap its rewards too, with better value prices for those that can spot decent bets before prices collapse or benefit from longer SP odds when a market drifter actually wins (which they do frequently). The time someone bets is a personal choice and we aim to provide point in time facts. We are continually working on improvements to help better explain changes to our ratings throughout the racing day.
  15. Will I make money using BetTurtle?
  16. It will help you make betting selections most professionals gamblers would be proud of. We believe BetTurtle provides you with quality information (that we continually improve) and that if you make the right choices from it, in the right races then with a bit of luck and over the longer term then hopefully you might make a bit of money. Then again maybe not. We do recommend that you only bet what you can afford and you bet for fun rather than making a career out of it.
  17. Will it work on my mobile phone and tablet?
  18. We have built BetTurtle to work on desktop and mobile devices, so you can take it with you for a day at the races, betting shop or anywhere else you may be. We have a mobile app available in the Apple, Android and Amazon appstores that provides a subset of the main website functionality. The app is perfect for a day at the races and can save you a few quid as an alternative to the racecard. The full featured website has been designed to work brilliantly on your desktop, tablet and mobile phones (we recommend that you turn the phone in landscape mode to read some of the more detailed tables).
  19. How do I find out your best tips each day?
  20. Our Best Tips of the day can be found under the Tips menu. However, our bettings systems under the systems menu offer the best chance of longer term profit.
  21. Why BetTurtle?
  22. A union of our two loves; betting and turtles. More importantly, it allows us to launch a range of cuddly toys and horse racing games accompanied by TV adverts featuring cute characters when BetTurtle becomes a roaring success.