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Why Should You Try BetTurtle?

While BetTurtle provides lots of the same features and information you can find on other popular horse racing services, we are different for the following reasons;

  • Our unique automated systems technology allows you to quickly and easily create selection rules, track selections and profitability and back test betting system ideas.
  • We use state of the art machine learning algorithms to generate our unique form and horseshoe ratings and tips (26% strike rate with winners upto 50/1).
  • Our racecards provide 100s of data points on each horse in a race and our comparison tables and colour coding quickly allows you to find the contenders from the also rans.
  • By using our race and horse filtering system you can analyse a days racing in literally seconds.
  • We are probably the most transparent service in horse racing and are proud to share our tipping stats and regularly share information on how to best utilise our ratings and other statistics.
  • Most importantly, we are customer centric and do everything we can to improve the service we offer and have implemented dozens of new features and improvements based on customer feedback.

What Is Included?

BetTurtle provides innovative tools and information to help horse racing fans find more winners quickly and easily.

Automated Betting Systems

Create your own automated betting systems or use the historically profitable ones we provide with your subscriptions.

UK and Irish Race Cards

Racecards, form guides and hundreds of statistics.


Detailed form and comments for every runner.


Speed, form and our unique horseshoe ratings.


Tips in every race.

Tipping Stats

Historic tipping stats and profitability.

Race Filters

Apply filters to display only the races that meet your criteria.

Horse Filters

Apply filters to display only the horses that meet your criteria.

Hide Runners

Hide and show race card runners.


Over 200 statistics for every runner.

10 Year Trends

10 year race trends.

Hot & Cold Trainers/Jockeys

In form trainers and jockeys.

Value Odds

Forecasted value odds for every horse.


Pointer reports highlighting the runners to watch out for today.

Pace & Draw Analysis

Pace and draw insights give you clues on how a race may be run.

Horses To Follow

Horses we have added to our horses to follow list.


Create your own horses to follow list.

Selection Shortlist

Create selections shortlist with results and profitability recording.

Racing Data Download

Download data for today's racing.

Tipping Data Download

Download BetTurtle tipping data to spot trends.

Winner Data Download

Download race winner data to spot trends and create betting systems.

What Subscriptions Are Available?


£10 / Month

28 Day Subscription + 1 System
  • Automate 1 of your own selection systems with back tested data and profitability stats
  • Filter races to view only those that meet your criteria
  • Apply filters to view only horses that meet your criteria
  • Race cards, form guides and results
  • Daily tips with a 26% strike rate
  • 200+ Horse racing stats including 10 year trends
  • Form, speed and live ratings
  • Historically profitable racing systems
  • Pointer reports including market movers, hot & cold trainers, etc
  • Shortlist and notebook tools to record your selections
  • Charts with handicap, ratings and betting trends
  • Daily racing data spreadsheet downloads


£25 / Month

28 Day Subscription + 10 Systems
  • All the features of the Basic subscription
  • Automate 10 of your own selection systems with back tested data and profitability stats
  • Tips, stats and tip history for your betting systems
  • Data downloads for past 7 days
  • BetTurtle Horses to follow added to the BetTurtle notebook
  • Horses with future race entries
  • Additional profitable racing systems from BetTurtle


£79 / Month

28 Day Subscription + 30 Systems
  • All the features of the Basic and Enhanced subscriptions
  • Automatically create up to 30 selection systems with back tested data and profitability stats
  • 2 hours of developer time per month to create unique new features
  • Pro daily data downloads with 100+ additional stats
  • Data downloads for past 30 days (3 months by email).
  • Access to our most profitable pre-built systems
  • Access to additional stats and data upon request
  • VIP access to new BetTurtle features

What Do Customers Say About BetTurtle?

"Over the last week I have been trying to fault this new (create your own system) of yours and I can't, it is by far the best enjoyment I have had in horseracing in twenty years."


"Just a fantastic app. This is a racing fans dream which offers everything you could ever want. Forget Racing Post or ATR this is the app for any serious racing fan. Amazing."

David C.

“You are absolute stars. Please see my Shortlist – that was at your prices I managed to get slightly better odds.”


"Never really understood how to pick a horse from all those tables and text. The graphics in the app make it very simple. Makes a day at the races even more fun!"


“I’ve tried ALL the form books in my many years of racing, and your customer service is a ‘furlong’ in front of the rest.”


“Just a quick thank you for helping me winning £189! I did 5 horses (singles doubles trebles)winners @15/2 13/2 100/30 & 4th 13/2.”


"BetTurtle is a brilliant app. Easy to use, loads of info and tips loads of winners."


“New to this service and it really is excellent.”


“Wow well done you guys this is just great, normally I would study form around 5 hours in a morning now I don't know what to do with myself”


“My 80 year old dad absolutely loves it !! He has always loved the stats side of Racing but had got bored of it all recently. Then he found your site, got me to join on his behalf, and now he is on it all the time!”


"My experience using BetTurtle has not only been very pleasing, but I have made a few pounds over the past year (at least). I do try to show my delight and sometimes dismay (in a good way) on Facebook and have encouraged family, colleagues and friends to join, or at least, visit your site. Thanks again for the first-rate service."

Johan P

"What can I say, except it's one of the best horse racing sites I've used and I've used a few over the years. Win bets, lay, speed figures, trainer & jockey info, results, news and the going descriptions are always up to date. I recommend 100%."


"This is a tremendous app. Makes decision making easy for each race. It certainly finds plenty of winners! Get in!"

About Us

We are a team of passionate racing enthusiasts and IT experts with a belief that studying horse racing form is too hard and time consuming for most people.

By developing products like BetTurtle, our goal is to make horse racing more rewarding for our customers.


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