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Automate, backtest and run your own betting systems. With daily selections, stats and results.

UK and Irish Race Cards

BetTurtle race cards have a touch of magic about them. They allow you to assess the likely contenders in a race in seconds.

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BetTurtle makes it lightening fast and easy for you to study the form. Our detailed comments ensure you are armed with the full facts for every runner.


BetTurtle provides speed and form ratings, but the real secret ingredient is BetTurtle's unique Horseshoe ratings that allow you to see the contenders from the also rans in a race in seconds.


With over 100 of them, BetTurtle's statistics are powerful and will give you an edge over your fellow punters.

10 Year Trends

Looking at the past can help predict the future and this is where BetTurtle's 10 year trends provide clues from previous race winners.

Hot & Cold Trainers/Jockeys

All trainers go through their good and bad spells and BetTurtle highlights the trainers on the up and those on the down.

Value Odds

As any professional gambler will tell you, it's all about finding value prices when betting. BetTurtle provides forecasted value odds for every horse.


Powerful algorithms provide insights that allow you to spot shrewd trainers, interesting jockey bookings, first time handicappers, travelling distances to the races, first time equipment plus lots more.

Pace & Draw Analysis

Pace and draw insights give you clues on how a race may be run and who the beneficiaries may be.


Tips in every race to help you find those elusive winners.

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Pick Your Selections In Seconds

Automate, backtest and run your own betting systems. With daily selections, stats and results.


Making customers happy is what we aim to do.
Here is a selection of feedback from our customers.

My experience using BetTurtle has not only been very pleasing, but I have made a few pounds over the past year (at least). I do try to show my delight and sometimes dismay (in a good way) on Facebook and have encouraged family, colleagues and friends to join, or at least, visit your site. Thanks again for the first-rate service.

Johan P

Just a fantastic app. Giving a lot more information you would normally have to pay a lot of money for. This is a racing fans dream which offers everything you could ever want. Forget Racing Post or ATR this is the app for any serious racing fan. Amazing.

David C.

Never really understood how to pick a horse from all those tables and text. The graphics in the app make it very simple. Makes a day at the races even more fun!


What can I say, except it's one of the best horse racing sites I've used and I've used a few over the years. Free win bets, free lay, speed figures, trainer & jockey info, results, news and the going descriptions are always up to date. I recommend 100% and it's free.


This is a tremendous app. Makes decision making easy for each race. It certainly finds plenty of winners! Get in!

Leechy Boy

BetTurtle is a brilliant app. Easy to use, loads of info and tips loads of winners.