Devise and validate your own unique betting system using BetTurtle data and statistics.

Click here to view a Free Example system.


Automate your betting system with automatic selections, results and record keeping.


Monitor your historic results, profitability and periodically improve your system.


It pays to think differently when betting on the horses and your automated system will help you standout from the crowd.

  • Automatic daily selections including race card and price information.
  • Automated results, statistic generation and selection recording.
  • Annual and monthly statistics showing strike rate, profitability and longest win/lose sequences.
  • Access to additional information for historic selections
Join BetTurtle


  • Register for a FREE BetTurtle account, as a login is required for the service.
  • Purchase a BetTurtle Regular, Semi-Pro or Pro subscription and your first systems are included.
  • Mail us to discuss your ideas and rules at and we will get things up and running.
  • We aim to automate your betting system within 24 hours.
  • Add additional systems to your subscription (there is a setup fee for each additional system).
  • Devise

    Work with the BetTurtle team to create, test and validate your betting system rules.

  • Automate

    The BetTurtle team will automate your rules and generate historic results and stats.

  • Operate

    Check for selections daily check your results (available under the SYSTEM menu).

  • Monitor

    Monitor your system results and profitability and work with the BetTurtle team to improve results.


Profitable Systems

Daily selections, results and historic stats for two long term profitable systems with more on the way soon.

Automate Your Own Systems

Create and automate your own betting systems with BetTurtle. Your first systems are included as part of Semi-Pro and Pro subscriptions. More can be added for a small setup fee.

Ratings & Tipping Stats

For each race we give you the lowdown on how the BetTurtle Horseshoe ratings and tips have performed to help you focus on the races we are most likely to win in.

Regular New Features

We are commited to adding extra features to your subscription on a regular basis to help you gain a betting edge.

Dedicated Support

Julia and her team are available to help you get started and ensure your BetTurtle Select experience runs smoothly.